How to Play

Example command

If I want to move Green Link to the left for 2 seconds, I would type:



1 (Green Link) (alias: green)

2 (Red Link) (alias: red)

3 (Blue Link) (alias: blue)

4 (Purple Link) (alias: purple)


A (A Button)

B (B Button)

L (Left Trigger)

R (Right Trigger)

Up (D-Pad Up)

Down (D-Pad Down)

Left (D-Pad Left)

Right (D-Pad Right)

Start (Start Button)

Select (Select Button)

Duration Modifiers

For some commands, it’s important to need to hold down a button for a longer period of time. For these commands, you can pass modifiers to hold down the button longer.

To do this, type a slash (/) after your command, and a set number of milliseconds (minimum 100 ms, maximum 2500).

Example: To perform a charged sword attack with Blue Link, type in: